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Vehicle Security Patrol Guards

Vehicle Security Patrol Service

Vehicle security patrols in California involve the use of security personnel and vehicles to monitor and protect a site or area from potential security threats. These patrols typically involve the use of security guards who travel through the area in a vehicle, such as a car, truck, or motorcycle, to observe and report any suspicious activity or potential security breaches.

Vehicle security patrols may be used in a variety of settings, including residential neighborhoods, commercial properties, and industrial sites. The specific duties of the security personnel involved in these patrols may vary depending on the needs of the site and the specific security threats that it faces.

Some common tasks that vehicle security patrols may be responsible for include:

  • Observing and reporting any suspicious activity or potential security breaches
  • Responding to alarms or other emergency situations
  • Conducting regular inspections of the site to identify and address any potential security risks
  • Monitoring and controlling access to the site
  • Providing escorts for VIPs or other individuals as needed

Overall, the main goal of vehicle security patrols is to protect the site and its occupants from potential security threats by providing a visible presence and responding quickly to any incidents that may arise.

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Our guards all have to undergo extensive background checks before they can join our team. This includes checking references and running them through various databases. We are very careful about who we hires because we care about who represents our name and business. Equally, we care about your business, home or campus and the safety of it.

We take a great deal of pride in the training that our guards receive. We hold them to the standards set by the state and we hold them to even higher standards ourselves. The bare minimum training required to work is 40 hours, (recruits can have less than this when they start but they’re required to be in training to do so). For our specialty guards, we have additional training that they have to go through. This is so that no matter what you can be sure that the guards keeping you and your business safe are up to the task.

Most business owners aren’t security experts and there’s nothing wrong with that. There isn’t an easy to understand template to understand exactly what you need in regards to security. Often that knowledge is only found with experience. At On Tyme Security we have the experience to spare. You can always call and speak with one of our security experts. They can work with you to find the solutions that would work best for your business while staying within your budget. We work hard to make sure you’re getting the most value from the security guards you hire to protect the property

 This depends on the type of business you have and what your unique security needs are at the time. It could be possible that one is enough for your business or property but you might need five or more. You can always talk to one of our security experts who can help evaluate your needs so that you get the best value for your money.


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Our mission is to provide our clientele with excellent security service that is in line with their ever-changing protection needs. Our agency will go above and beyond what is promised to our clients to ensure that they are provided with superior, professional security guard services.